On This Archipelago

On this archipelago, you may find many species of birds, some soaring higher than the rest of the other birds, others unable to fly due to shattered spirits and broken wings. Those who dominate are the multicolored-faceted parrots, and it is here where most, if not all of them, try to fit into, dyeing their feathers in their same shades, their same hues. They all sing a different language, a different dialect, with a different tone, a different inclination; yet they adjust themselves to sound more like the parrots who sing atop their trees, bristling their technicolored feathers with their smooth beaks, sharpening their polished claws on the barks of the trees.

Many of the other birds hide behind their dyed feathers, afraid to speak out, afraid to come out, afraid to leave. Many of them feel as though they are trapped by laws made for their ecosystem to stay neat and tidy and in order, and have succumbed just so there will be no wars to fight.

Yet, on one side of the archipelago, war ensues. War is destroying homes. War is separating families and friends. The wars just keep going on and on and on. Even dyed feathers feel meaningless when we’re not happy, when we’re not out there, celebrating who we are and free from the confinements of a prison where black is black and white is white, where guns are pointed at our faces and we are told to bow down to a self-proclaimed king who stole the throne and made it his own.

For all that the parrots say, there hasn’t been much action put into their words to back them up. Some have done their parts, while most love to brag about just how much they helped once. How much more do other birds have to show in order for these parrots to see just how much change is needed in order for everyone to live a good life? A lot more, I’m afraid.


A single beat of a wing can make all the difference.

A little spark of hope.

When everything else will fade into the grays, when the blacks and the whites start to mix and create blurred lines, when other birds collide and their colors start to combine and create new colors, these parrots may not be their usual self, for their highly-strung lives will start to stretch and thin out, their colors will dim as they are blinded by the new array of colors made by these beautiful birds, and this archipelago will soon realize just how diverse we can be, how much change we all can make.

On this archipelago, you may find many species of birds, trying to make a difference in this world.

Happy Independence Day to my motherland and Happy Pride Month to everyone! πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆπŸ’š

photo taken from tumblr.


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