Sloth Week: 10 Reasons Why I Am A Sloth

Happy Sloth Week!

So I just found out last week that in 2014, there was what they called a Sloth Week. How cool is that? It started on the 20th of June, and lasted for, well, a week! I don’t know if it’s still ongoing every year, I haven’t seen any pictures or updates after that, BUT I’d love to celebrate it still since these lovely creatures are very dear to me – and I am very much just like them. HA.

Yes, it’s true. Fun fact: so I’m not just a halamanI am also a sloth. My friends call me this most times, apart from calling me a halaman. Remember the time the sloth in Zootopia, Flash, laughed after Nick Wilde said a joke about a three-humped camel? Yeah, I was able to copy his signature laughing face. No. Joke. I do tend to have a late reaction to most things, and my friends are victims to this monstrosity of a reaction, sad to say. Most times, we just laugh about it even more, and I can finally catch up with their laughter. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Here’s a list of why I consider myself part-sloth:

  1. I have a tendency to react late / slow. I’ve already mentioned this earlier but I feel it needs to be reiterated because it’s too true! It is during these times when I feel really lost because I can’t keep up anymore with what my friends are saying. I don’t know, I think it’s hereditary since my dad is the same!
  2. I move slow. NO JOKE. Although it does depend on the situation. I don’t know, it’s like in real time, my movements are slow (so they say), but in my perception, they seem normal!
  3. I’m not arboreal but I do love trees! We do breathe in their gas farts. You know. Oxygen? Keeps us alive yet we cut them down? Sarcasm aside, I just love the aesthetic of trees. And they’ve been around for thousands of years, so they’ve had a lot of time keeping their beauty aesthetic.
  4. I’m super clumsy on land but in the water, I’m a mermaid. Sloths can swim. Did you know that? With that being said, we aren’t the most graceful swimmers, BUT we can hold our breath for a really long time and we are excellent doggy-paddlers. On land, my sides tend to bump into the walls as I turn a corner, or my little toe hits any, ANY surface it can find. It’s true.
  5. I am nocturnal. Most times.
  6. I love my solitude. Except when I’m in dire need to go out. Then I’d have to face people. Yikes.
  7. I love my sleep. Sloths can sleep for up to 10 hours. I can do 12. Fight me, sloths, see if you can beat that!

*Sloth from captivity enters stage left*

Sloth: *clears throat* we can sleep for up to 20 hours.





Moving on.

8. We’re slow because we don’t want to expend too much energy. Y-E-P. I can walk fast, but most times, I like to admire the scenery, you know?
9. have created an environment where other life forms can exist. I swear, ants and cockroaches have invaded my place. No rats have entered the vicinity, thank you very much… Yet. 🐭
10. We’re cute. Tsk. ‘Nuff said. And because we’re so cute, we deserve an emoji! 🌳

photo taken from tumblr

Here’s a picture of a positive sloth for you. 💚

featured photo taken from Oh My Disney.


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