Afternoon Tea


photo taken from tumblr

You sat there
With your legs crossed
Like a gentleman
Waiting for his afternoon tea

You were alone
Casually looking out
The window where
The glass reflected your face

Focused and thoughtful
Your mind was somewhere else
Thinking of a time
When love hit you last

Your elbow on the armchair
Your head resting on your hand
You were too preoccupied
With the movie playing in your head

Until the tea came
And you were interrupted
Like being snapped back
From a dream of some sorts

A carnival-themed one
I’d presume
Judging from the colors
It left on you

Yes, it’s still there
Playing in your eyes
One cannot so easily
Hide what’s inside

And once you were done
You paid your bill
Looked out once more
Glanced outside

You let them keep the change
As you stood up
You fixed your coat
And then you walked out.


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