Watering Pot

My soil is coarse It has not felt the pleasure Of a water's touch For quite some time Yet here you are With something I need My feelings stir within me Like the water you've poured onto me Swirling, swirling Mixing with my soil I am not the same seedling I once was before I … Continue reading Watering Pot


Taking Flight

Here, it is peaceful. There are no voices, only white noise. Plants sway with the wind, allowing themselves to be moved by it, allowing themselves to dance to the melody they hear, the beat they feel. Little ripples form on the man-made lake as birds scoop a handful of water into their beaks, and as … Continue reading Taking Flight

These Flowers

These flowers, I'd let you give. These flowers, I'd let you take. And these flowers, I'd let you keep. And, for what it's worth, I'd let you keep them for the rest of your life. You came, you saw, you conquered anyway.