Watering Pot

My soil is coarse
It has not felt the pleasure
Of a water’s touch
For quite some time

Yet here you are
With something I need
My feelings stir within me
Like the water you’ve poured onto me

Swirling, swirling
Mixing with my soil
I am not the same seedling
I once was before

I feel it travel within me
Feel it move within my vessels
Yes, these vessels which once ran dry
Where little fissures formed

In these tiny cracks
Water spills
I try to patch them up
Keep it inside

I place my leaves on them
These holes which reveal
My weakest spots
My softest parts

And the water starts to go
Up with my bloodstream
I feel it move within me
I feel it create a shift

Oh, how I’ve missed this feeling
This feeling of life
My leaves are stretching once again
To feel the sun on their skin

They take in the heat
Where cold embraced them
They take in the touch
Of a thousand arrow rays

This, this is what I had been waiting for
The rebirth, the opening of curled-up limbs
I am not the person I used to be
But then again, no one really ever is again.

photo taken from @noiev on Instagram.


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